Whittier Heights Tiny House Village

Seattle’s First Women-Only Community

Rebuilding lives for futures so why not start now?

There are lots of reasons that a housing community for women is vital. This is a safe place where they can grow a real sense of community, free of fear, and full of hope.

Give Big with tiny homes, Food supplies, women essentials – makeup, clothing, hygiene product

Since 1991, the Low Income Housing Institute has been providing real solutions for the unhoused population in the greater Puget Sound Area, seeing thousands of lives changed by giving them their basic needs and more, transitioning to a stable and prosperous life. They currently operate a dozen tiny house villages, and Whittier Heights Village is the only one of its kind, specifically for women looking to get a fresh start on life. Having the keys to their very own home is a big step in this process, and LIHI will continue this great work, but they cannot do it alone.

It’s hard to feel confident on the inside when you don’t feel confident on the outside. Personal hygiene products are essential for day-to-day living. Art supplies open a window to the heart and mind in a tactile way. Makeup gives every woman the confidence they need. If you can provide any of these viable resources, it will make a huge difference. You can also make a tax-deductible monetary donation of any amount by clicking the button below.

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