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“LIHI is a non-profit in Western Washington whose THV program has helped hundreds of homeless people each year. Each of these tiny houses provides a warm, secure place for families with children, couples and individuals while working on their future. We even welcome their pets! Residents are helped by onsite case managers that assist in finding jobs and permanent homes.”

Warmth, Security, and Community!

More About LIHI

  • LIHI has been assisting families in need for nearly 3 decades now and has received over 12 awards, resembling their hard work and dedication to operate and maintain these high quality housing programs by doing so in new innovative ways.
  • With every dollar that is donated to the LIHI organization, we can use that help create a stronger, safer, and healthier community
  • Any ounce of support can make a huge difference to the lives of families who may be experiencing homelessness.

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Even with the COVID-19 crisis beginning in March, a higher percentage of people transitioned  to permanent housing in 2020 than any other year. In 2020, 53.4% of people exiting villages  moved into long term housing. This includes, 47.4% of people who moved into permanent  housing and 6% of people who moved into transitional housing, a pathway to permanent  housing that typically includes services and Section 8 support.

Resident Stories

“So living in a tent was you know, it gets cold. I always had to have candles or a stove and then  you had to buy propane and you know tents burn up real easy. There’s no lock on the doors,  you know, there’s no safety. You’re just out in the elements. It’s devastating. Now I have  security. I have a lock on my door. I can shut out the world and go have my private time or I can  be friendly and come out and be with people. I fixed it up like my own little house. My stuff  doesn’t get stolen. I’m proud of my little house” 

– Tina

“I was living in my car at the beginning of April this year… I had been at True Hope for 29 days  when I was told that they had found me an apartment. I was thinking ‘I’ve heard this before’ but I  soon received a phone call from Ms. Ashley at LIHI. After I got the call the process was so quick.  I now live at Denny Park Apartments and it’s been a blessing to be living there.” 

– Tom

“These tiny houses saved my life and I see people bloom when they come here. We need more  of these villages and more support for them. The village works way differently than being out on  the street. It builds a person’s self-esteem back up so they take pride and makes them want to  get a job.”

– Mary