Tiny House Program 4

Help LIHI Shape success. Help your neighbors live, not survive!

Exit Data to Permanent Housing, LIHI Does it Best

LIHI has been shaping success for years now. The years 2020 and 2019 show just how hard we have been working to get homeless people back into permanent housing. The Tiny House Villages are able to achieve this goal for twice the number of people that an enhanced shelter would and five times more people than a regular shelter.


“Homelessness happens for a lot of different reasons… I never got used to living in cubby holes or in cardboard boxes on a sidewalk, or in homeless shelters. People have spit on me when they have walked by… Being without a place to call home was the hardest thing I think life has thrown at me. My fiancé and I moved to the Tiny House Village a while ago and we absolutely love it. I deal with mental illness and serious physical disabilities. I have been able to work though some of my issues by having a private place of my own where sometimes a good cry is all I needed. The tiny house village has a few rules to follow but it is ‘common sense’ stuff and everyone pitches in by doing chores. It is an incredible place and now with having some foundation underneath us we have grown up a lot. We are more responsible now. I have started telling others that you don’t have to be living in horrible conditions; go find a Tiny House Village to stay in and begin to grow as a responsible citizen again. It is a really nice feeling. We need more villages.”