Tiny House Program 3

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Low Income Housing Institute

Tiny House Villages Save Lives

“These tiny houses saved my life and I see people bloom when they come here. We need more of these villages and more support for them. The village works way differently than being out on the street. It builds a person’s self-esteem back up so they take pride and makes them want to get a job.”

– Mary (Tiny House Village Resident) 

53.4% of LIHI residents moved into long term housing, versus 12-15% success rate of shelters. 

What do Tiny House Villages provide for their residents?

Tiny House VillagesShelters
Locking Doors
COVID-19 Protection (More)(Less)
Case Management(Some)
Internet Access
Allows Couples
Allows Families
Allows Pets

“Housing, four solid walls and a door that can close out the world; this is an essential need for a person’s sense of safety, security, and stability.”

– KittyDeBerry (Tiny House Village Resident)