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LIHI operates an innovative Tiny House Village program, providing warm, safe, secure shelter in tiny houses. The tiny houses are placed in community settings with case management that helps residents find permanent housing and employment.

Founded in 1991, LIHI has become one of the most productive affordable housing developers in the northwest. LIHI manages and owns over 2,400 affordable apartments across 60 different sites in 6 counties around the Puget Sound. And have now created over 400 tiny houses in our innovative Tiny House Villages.

Our Tiny House Villages have communal kitchens and bathroom areas, including shower stalls and laundry. Not only do they give homeless people the pride and autonomy of living in their own tiny homes, these tiny houses provide them with a community and support services. With our Tiny House Villages, we can offer safe and warm living for at a low cost. Only $2,500 of materials and volunteer labor go into each tiny house providing warmth, safety, and secure shelters in a community setting that supports each resident.

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