The Marion West

5019 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone # (206) 547-5367
Fax # (206) 547-5484

The Marion West, an innovative mixed-use project in Seattle’s University District that brings together multiple, synergistic community benefits under one roof:

Housing:  LIHI’s housing includes 49 studio apartments: 20 affordable apartments for homeless young adults (ages 18 to 24) and 29 apartments for low-wage workers entering the workforce.

Supportive Services:  YouthCare and Ryther provide onsite supportive services for the formerly homeless young adult residents of The Marion West to help them stabilize their lives, maintain their housing, find employment, and thrive.

Food Bank:  The ground floor houses the University District Food Bank, which helps to feed needy families in the area.  The Food Bank uses the roof for urban agriculture by growing vegetables and herbs.

Job Training Café:  Street Bean Coffee has a location on the ground floor.  Street Bean trains and employs young people seeking to exit street life.

The Marion West is named for racial justice champion Marion West, who along with her husband Ray, who was Black, faced discrimination and helped break the color barrier in the U-District by housing African Americans and students of color in the 1950s. Read bio.

How to Apply: Please call for vacancy info. When applying please submit the Rental Pre-Application
This community does not accept portable screening reports.

Historical:  Press Release Marion West Grand Opening (2016)

Marion West with Mayor Ed Murray

Ray and Marion West

Newspaper clipping about hate crime

Marion West’s son James Bible accepting award for the building