Sunset Meadows Rental

Sunset Meadows

2396 Milton Way, Office # D1
Milton, WA 98354
253-952-2466 office, 253-952-2824 fax

Unit #: 96-C1 & 96-C2
2 Bedroom 50% units
Rent Amount: $839.00
Minimum income you must make to qualify for this unit: $1,258.00/mo
Maximum Income you can make to qualify for this unit: $29,850.00 for 2 people/year (varies by household size)
Unit Size: 2BR
Maximum Household Size: 5
Minimum Household Size: 2
Other Criteria/Restrictions:
Pets: no cats no dogs no rodents
Application fee $0
Unit deposit of $350.00 with good rental history
Comments/Unit Special Features:
W/S/G included? Yes
Shared Bathroom? No
Washer Dryer in Unit? Yes
Parking? assigned space

Send your Rental Pre-Application for this unit by fax, mail, or email to:

Low Income Housing Institute
Project Coordinator
Sunset Meadows (P)  253-952-2466 (F) 253-952-2824
2396 Milton Way, # D1 (Office)
Milton, WA 98354
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