Seattle LIHI Donation

LIHI: Low Income Housing Institute

Peace of mind they can keep, if they have a place to sleep.

About Tiny House Villages

Tiny houses are an inexpensive and efficient way to move homeless people off the street and into warm tiny houses while they build their life skills to move into permanent housing.

Hi! Welcome to the Seattle Lihi non-profit page. Our mission is to provide warm, safe, secure shelter in tiny houses with a community setting that provides case management to help the residents find permanent housing and employment. We believe that with innovative partnerships, sustainable design features in affordable housing, and creative project development we can allow for engagement from our residents as well as make for a healthy, strong, and committed community. We currently have houses in Seattle, Olympia, and Tacoma with 2,400 houses already built. Here at Lihi we want to not only provide shelter for those who need it but also provide a place where residents feel they can succeed and have a new shot at taking on life and go down the path they always dreamed of. If you feel like you can or want to help our mission you can: donate, volunteer in our tiny home communities (building tiny homes), and in-kind donations (Clothing, food, hygiene products, etc.)

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