The Marion West

5019 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 547-5367 Fax: 206-547-5484

The Marion West is a mixed-use project serving the University District.

New and expanded space for the University District Food Bank is located on the first floor. the Street Bean barrista training cafe for homeless youth is located on the south side facing the University District Library. The building features community space, classroom, counseling space and decks. The Food Bank  uses the roof for urban agriculture by growing vegetables and herbs.

The project brings multiple community benefits—food security from the Food Bank, job training at Street Bean, affordable housing for the University District, and housing plus services to reduce homelessness among our city’s young adults.

Units & Eligibility: 49 studio apartments.  20 units are for homeless young adults aged 18-24.  29 units are workforce housing for individuals and couple making 40-60% of Area Median Income (AMI)

How to Apply:  The 20 units for homeless young adults have placement done by Youthcare through 211.  Workforce housing units will be advertised as vacancies arise.

Historical:  Press Release:  Marion West Grand Opening

Marion West Garage Door

Marion West garage door by artist Nikki McClure


studio unit

Rooftop garden that supplies foodbank

U District Foodbank

Street Bean Cafe

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