Plum Street Village

One life, One love, One Community

What is LIHI?

That is a great question. LIHI stands for the Low Income Housing Institute. Their Tiny House Villages work as a stepping stone to get our less fortunate community members back into society. 

LIHI was founded in 1991, and has become one of the most productive affordable housing developers in the northwest. LIHI manages and/or owns over 2,300 affordable apartments, across 60 different sites in 6 different counties around the Puget Sound region. And now have created over 400 tiny houses in our innovative Tiny House Villages. They are in partnership with the City of Seattle, the City of Olympia, and the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, they all help innovate Tiny House Village programs. In specific the Plum St Village has 29 tiny homes housing 34 residents. They have a communal kitchen and bathroom area including 3 shower stalls. Not only do they give homeless the Pride and autonomy of living in their own tiny home, these tiny homes give them a community to be a part of that is self sufficient. To understand it a little better you can hear it from those who experience LIHI first hand.

How can I help?

A money donation would be greatly appreciated! If that is not an option do not give up you can still help! Due to COVID 19 this village is not receiving as many donations of goods as they normally do. You can drop off supplies from 9-5 at Plum St SE, the following would be much appreciated:

  • Gently used Clothing 
  • Toiletries ie Toilet paper, shower products, First aid products
  • Food, canned or produce 

And if you want to donate your time and labor you can volunteer to help build the new tiny houses! 

Call to Action: ie. “Be a Hero, Join our Newsletter”

By joining you won’t miss out on the progress of LIHI and you will be able to stay informed!