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Unit #: 18230-202
Rent Amount: $935.00
Minimum Income you must make to qualify for this unit: $1870.00/month
Maximum income you can make to qualify for this unit: 2 persons/$35,850 combined annual gross income, 3 persons/$40,350, 4 persons/$44,800, 5 persons/$48,400.
Unit size: 2bdrm/2bath
Maximum Household Size: 5 persons
Minimum Household Size: 2 persons
Other Criteria/Restrictions: No Pets/Screening Fee of $39.00 per adult
Comments/Unit Special Features: W/S/G included
Washer/Dryer In Unit/1 Non Covered Parking Space

Send your Rental Pre-Application for this unit by email or fax to:

Tony Williams (click name for email)
Area Manager
Ph# 206-417-3626
Fax# 206-364-0423

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