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Team Member Urban Rest Stop



Posting Date:            March 22, 2019

Reports to:                Team Leader

Work Schedule:        fulltime 40 hours per week 6:00am to 3:00pm

Pay Range:                $15.00 – 17.53 per hour, DOE

Benefits:                    Medical/Dental/Vision, life/disability, pension, vacation and sick leave.


Agency Summary:    The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) was established in 1991, as a non-profit housing development and advocacy organization. LIHI develops housing opportunities for people who are low-income and/or homeless, provides technical assistance to communities and other non-profits, and advocates for housing justice.


The Urban Rest Stop, a LIHI, project, offers toilets, showers and laundry facilities to the homeless and low-income people. This facility is located in the Ballard neighborhood of north Seattle.


Position Summary:

Responsible for greeting and assisting Urban Rest Stop patrons who use the bathroom, shower and laundry facilities. Monitor patrons, both inside and directly outside of the Urban Rest Stop facility. Provide requested personal hygiene and laundry supplies. Maintain a high standard of facility cleanliness and service, following agency standards. Restock and controls supply inventory for staff and patron use. Updates and maintains patron database daily. Assists with the submission of various Urban Rest Stop Activity Reports. Works cooperatively with the Team Leader and volunteers.



Customer Service

  1. Ensure that the Urban Rest Stop provides a clean, safe and welcoming environment at all times.
  2. Schedule appointments for daily use of the showers and laundry facilities.
  3. Monitor use of all agency facilities by patrons. Provides personal assistance when necessary.
  4. Distribute personal care items as requested and when donations are available.
  5. Distribute and monitor shower towel use and return, in accordance with agency procedures.
  6. Monitor Rest Stop patrons and their behaviors throughout the facility.
  7. Enforce Rest Stop Rules and Procedures, ensuring the safety and security of patrons and staff at all times.
  8. Mediate conflicts and model appropriate problem solving strategies.
  9. Implement Rest Stop Security Procedures when necessary. Document all such incidents in Daily Log and submit Incident Report to Program Coordinator
  10. Provide information and referral services to Urban Rest Stop patrons.
  11. Contact other community agencies when specific patron assistance is required, i.e. Public Health, the Sobering Center, Seattle Police and Community Service Officers.

Administrative/Record keeping

  1. Maintain Daily Log of Urban Rest Stop Activities.
  2. Restock and sort consumable and cleaning supplies, ensuring a continuous supply for Rest Stop staff use. Inventory to be secured and managed for best use of agency property and funds.
  3. Stock and sort donated and purchased hygiene supplies, such as razors, diapers, foot care products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, soap, shampoo and laundry detergent.
  4. Collect demographic and facility use information on Rest Stop patrons daily. Update and maintain patron database daily.
  5. Maintain a daily towel and supply use log.
  6. Follow agency procedures as detailed within the Urban Rest Stop Procedures Manual.



  1. Clean the Urban Rest Stop in accordance with daily cleaning schedule. Maintain a high level of facility cleanliness at all times, including spot and emergency cleaning tasks.
  2. Monitor the condition of the Rest Stop facility. Report any maintenance or repair concerns to the Team Leader.


Other expectations

  1. Works cooperatively with the Team Leader, Program Coordinator and volunteers to ensure the Urban Rest Stop success.
  2. Participate in staff meetings and in-service training events.
  3. Other duties as requested by and Team Leader and Program Coordinator.


Minimum Qualifications:

    1. Demonstrated verbal and written command of English.
    2. Previous home health aide, nursing/psychiatric aide, orderly, chore service, social service assistant/aide or janitorial experience of one year in a commercial, private, health or social service agency setting.
    3. Previous work experience in a comparable, social service environment, such as a Homeless shelter, Transitional Housing, multi-service center or other direct human services provision.
    4. Demonstrated abilities and experience in successful conflict resolution.
    5. Previous work experience and demonstrated ability with Safe       Harbors database; ability to enter data into databases, use pull down tabs; follow and implement data base procedures. Must take Safe Harbors training/certification within 3 months of employment.
    6. Ability to work with low – income, multi-cultural, homeless individuals and families.
    7. Ability to work effectively with both staff and patrons who represent diverse cultural, economic, social, ethnic, and sexual orientations, with differing levels of physical and mental abilities.
    8. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
    9. Ability to perform hard, physical work.
    10. Ability to stand or walk during majority of work shift.
    11. Ability to work in a busy, fast paced, stressful environment
    12. Ability to perform as a Team member
    13. Functional knowledge of computers and keyboards.
    14. Must pass criminal background and Drug screen tests prior to employment.
    15. Must sign and adhere to the URS Behavioral Expectations of Staff and follow all applicable LIHI procedures and employment contracts appropriate to the specific position
    16. High School degree or GED




Desired Qualifications:

  1. Bi-lingual skills
  2. Experience as US military as Medic or as EMT
  3. A.A.,,B.A, M.A or other degree in related field
  4. Customer Service/Retail Experience


Upon Hire:

  1. Acquisition within 7 days of employment: Verification of TB Skin Test or Chest X-.
  2. Acquisition within 90 days of employment: physical exam, home telephone, First Aid and CPR Cards. All items must be maintained on a current status
  3. Renewal of TB Skin Test or Chest X –Ray in accordance with Urban Rest Stop guidelines.

This is a unionized position, represented by Local 8 of the Office of Professional Employees International Union. This is a non-exempt position. Employment application may be printed from the website Or you may pick up or request an application from:


The Low Income Housing Institute

2407 First Ave, Suite 200

Seattle, Washington 98121-1311

Phone: (206) 443-9935

Fax: (206) 433-9851




The Low Income Housing Institute is an equal opportunity employer. LIHI participates in E-Verify. Qualified women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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