Nickelsville Moves to New Home

September 22, 2014


Permitting issues with City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development were resolved last week with the help of Seattle Mayor Ed murray and Nickelsville residents were able to complete their move to their new home at 1010 S. Dearborn.


LIHI Executive Director Sharon Lee said, "Scott Morrow and I had a chance to meet with the mayor on Friday and we want to thank the mayor for helping Nickelsville acquire the permit and for supporting tent encampments as a crisis reponse to the homelessness in Seattle."


The moving of the simple wood sleeping structures (see photos) from our site on Jackson to the new Dearborn site was quite an undertaking and LIHI wishes to profusely thank John Gearhart and Brian Bergstrom from Synergy Construction for making it go smoothly and safely. Many thanks for making the move possible also to Ben Lie, Sheryl Nelson and volunteers from City Church, Tom Mathews from Walsh Construction, LIHI Board President Melinda Nichols, and Doug Hobkirk.


Big thanks also to the Lutheran Church of the Good Shephard who is the Nickelsville's new church sponsor and to Coho Real Estate for hosting the camp on their property.


Nickelsville still needs help with supplies and funding. Please email or call Scott Morrow to donate food, clothing, wood, tents, and other infrastructure supplies: (206) 450-9136. To give money please click to donate.




     Seattle Weekly Article: Nickelsville Gets Its Permit. Is Mayor Supporting Encampments Now?  


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